Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shortcut Program

Info :

  • Easy execute your program
  • You can add own shorcut to categories like games shorcut, internet shorcut, common program and window program
Download Link :



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rapidshare Link Checker V2

Info :

  • Check working link
  • Super fast
  • Multi checker
Download Link :



Folder Options

Info :

  • Create new folder
  • Delete folder
  • Rename folder
  • View hidden folder and hidden system file
Download Link :



Yahoo Invisible Checker V3

Info :

  • View profile
  • Multi checker
  • Faster checking
  • Log files
Download Link :



Saturday, July 18, 2009

Malaysian Radio! V3

Info :

  • Alternative way to hear streaming radio using fully control by media player.
  • Add Lite skin with adjustable colour.
  • Add update link!
  • Add Playback features.
  • Add Media player visualization
  • Add Lock Position.
  • Add always on Top.
  • Add link for donation.

Download Installer Link :



Download Portable Link :



Monday, March 16, 2009

Timer Reminder

Info :

  • Remind you something important with many options
  • Add sound like police siren, virus alarm and etc
  • Can activate computer voice (it turn text to sound)
  • Basically this program same as my (S,R,L) but it specific for reminder
  • Files included with sound (make sure folder sound is input in same folder with program, so it will work perfectly)

Download Link :



Shutdown,Restart,Logout (S,R,L)V2

Info :

  • Simple shutdown, restart and logout with timer
  • System Tray
  • Alert with 2 options (beep sounds), load your own sound and msgbox
  • Can alert in 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 minutes only
  • Easy set you specific time
  • Beep sound always "beep" until it shutdown, restart or logout
  • For you own sound, it can put file max for 5 mb only. File types is mp3 or wav
  • For msgbox you can type text whatever you like to alert you
  • Shutdown and restart with no popup window showing
  • Stop button included if you want set it back
  • It show time left so you always alert

Download Link :



Duplicate Remover

Info :

  • This program will removes all duplicate entries
  • It just left unique string in the list
  • Has 'add list' button and 'save list' button to easy add .txt files to list and save after done remove duplicate entries
  • This program also shown how many entries in the list
  • If you want to clear all list. Just click 'clear list' button
Download Link :



Password Generator

Info :

  • Create strong password with number, big alphabet,small alphabet and special character
  • Password length up to 100!
  • Also can create password up to 100
  • 'Copy' button include to copy all password generated
Download Link :



Name Generator

Info :

  • Has unique character include
  • Easy button such as (copy,clear, backspace and undo)
  • Number of character include too see how many character use
  • Easy to use and easy to understand
Download Link :



Mp3 Playerz

Info :

Mp3 player with transparent controls, scrolling song, small size and the best thing open direct without install :)

Download Link :



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